Friday, 21 November 2014

Need Quick Cash? Get Quick Car Title Loans Today

Money makes your life easier.

But, don’t worry if you don’t have money. You can always generate quick cash and solve your immediate financial problems with Car Title Loans. It is the simplest and quickest way of obtaining money without giving up your car.

Why Car Title Loans are good for me?

• Quick Approval

• No Credit Checks

• Bad Credit History is not considered Bad

• No need to keep your Car with the Lender

• 100% Money Back Guarantee for Dissatisfied Car Owners

Car Title Loans provide multiple advantages to car owners. And, the money back guarantee negates your risk completely. So, what are you waiting for? Apply now and put an end to your financial crunch.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Fix your Urgent Cash Needs with Auto Title Loan

Are you in urgent need of cash? Why ask for cash from your friends, parents or banks when you can convert your beloved car into cash? Auto title loan can provide you the money by using your car as security.

What is Auto Title Loan?

An auto title loan is a type of short-term borrowing where a car owner borrows money by pledging the car as collateral. The borrower has to surrender the hard copy of the car title in exchange of quick loan approval. When the loan is repaid, the lender removes the lien on the title and returns it to the borrower. But, if the loan is not repaid, the lender has the right to take ownership of the car and sell it.

Who can qualify for Auto Title Loan?

The lenders who provide auto title loan focus on car and give less importance to your income and credit score. So, it is okay if you have low income or bad credit history. To qualify for the loan program, you must fulfill the following requirements:

>> You should own a clear title

>> Your car's wholesale value should be at least $3000

>> You must have a steady source of income

>> You must be able to make regular payments

How does an Auto Title Loan work?

You can contact a local lender or an online lender for obtaining the loan program. You have to submit a loan application form by informing the lender about the following things:

Your Personal Information

Provide your name, residential address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.

Income Details

Provide your Total Net Monthly Income and Total Monthly Household Expenses.

Amount of Loan

Although lender decides the loan amount, you must provide a desirable loan amount in the application. It will help the lender in understanding your financial needs correctly.

Car's Manufacture Year

Lenders don't consider car's older than 15 years for approval. So, if the car is manufactured in 1999 or before, it won't be approved by the lender.

Car's Make and Model

Make sure that you provide your car's accurate make and model as written in the title.

Amount Owed on the Car

The amount that you owe on the car should be ZERO. If you have lien on the title, you won't be approved for the loan.


Provide the mileage of your car by reading the odometer.

The lender will review your application and provide you with loan quotes. If you agree with the rates, you will have to send the title of your car along with other required documents to the lender.

Once the lender has verified all the documents provide by you, he will deposit the money in your account.

So, this is how you can make good use of your car and solve your urgent cash problems.

Rapid Car Loans can help you in obtaining instant bad credit car loans. The online auto financing company is known for providing quick results and affordable rates to bad credit car buyers. Apply now and end your cash troubles today with bad credit car title loans.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Auto Title Loans – When you have a Car why worry about Cash?

A car is a magical treasure. If you have one, you can easily use it to cover other expenses. Sounds implausible? It’s a reality with car title loans. This amazing auto financing program provides you ready cash without taking your car away from you. You can fix the home or spend the money on your dream wedding. The lender won’t be concerned about the way of your spending. Sounds great, isn’t it? Well, let’s understand title loans so that you can begin the process of opting it.

Car Title Loans – Benefit of Car and Cash

A title loan is simply a collateral loan. The lender gives you money on the basis of the value of your car. You just need to submit your title to him. Once you pay off the loan, the lender will give you the title after removing lien. It’s better than auto pawn loans which make it compulsory to pawn your vehicle. With these loans, you don’t need to keep your car with the lender.

You can drive it wherever you want, whenever you desire!

Generally, a car title loan is available for a small amount of money and for a shorter period of time. But, don’t worry if you cannot repay the loan at the end of loan period. You can simply roll over the remaining amount into a new loan.

The best thing about it is that the lender won’t ask for your credit score. So, don’t worry if you have bad credit or bankruptcy in past. You can definitely fulfill your immediate financial requirements without taking tension of your credit history.

What is the process of Car Title Loans?

Auto title loans are simple and do not require you to take any painstaking measure. You just need to fill loan application form. Once you meet the simple approval criteria, the lender will ascertain the market value of your car. Most lenders use Kelley Blue Book value and offer loans in the range of 30% to 50% of the car’s worth.

Criteria for getting a Car Title Loan

Although requirements vary from one lender to another, few criteria remain common. If you fulfill the below mentioned requirements, almost any lender will approve your loan application.

1. You shouldn’t owe any amount on the car.
2. The title must be clear when you present it to the lender.
3. The car should not be older than 1999.
4. The car should be driven for less than 150,000 miles.
5. You will have to provide the lender with the copies of Driver’s License and your recent pay stubs. If you are self-employed, monthly statements of last 3 months are required.

When you are approved for the loan, the lender will simply write you check. No credit check, no stressful talks, just quick results, that’s what car title loans offer!

It’s time to keep your car while getting cash for it!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Online Car Title Loan For Fast And Instant Cash

Online car title loans help you to get loans at real quick time. It requires little bit of home work and research. A good amount of understanding on how these loans work will help you to gain maximum profits. Most experts argue that auto title loans are unwise if you are facing serious financial crunch. However, if you have all the facilities to repay the loan promptly, then it could be a life saving situation. There are several advantages in taking these loans for a short interval of time.

You might be wondering if the car title loan is a right choice for your emergency requirements. The cost associated with these loans is certainly high. Make sure to do prompt payments at the month end. Usually a loan amount of 50% of the car value is given at higher interest rates. The interest rate could vary from $25 to $30 for every $100 that you borrow on a monthly basis. The car is made as collateral while obtaining the loan. If you miss out a payment, the lenders will come and take away the car from you. You need to pay separate charges to bring it back along with the due amounts. If you are sure to avoid all these kinds of problems, then go ahead with your car title loans. If you are seriously looking for such types of loan, then online car title loans are the best option to apply for.

The internet has revolutionized the world. You can get anything and everything with a single click of the mouse. Make the best use of Google to find information about leading lenders. Make sure you get competitive rates in the market. Take 2 to 3 days of time in finding the real good lender whose terms are bit acceptable. The sky rocketing interest rates could not be avoided under any circumstances. Fill in the online auto title loan application of these lenders and demand for a quote. You will have to fill out your contact details along with the employment and salary details.

Make sure that you do not have any other type of loan on your vehicle. This will make the process a bit lengthy and there are chances to neglect your loan application. Within few hours of submitting the online application, you can expect a call from the representatives of lenders. Take your time to attend the calls and get their terms and conditions properly. You should probably get about 5 to 6 calls in 3 hours of time. It is good to analyze their programs and compare car loan rates offered. Pick the best lender among them and give a call back. You can still negotiate with the lenders to offer any kind of redemption if the amount is paid well in advance.
The paper works will be completed in about 5 to 10 minutes of time and you can walk away with the loan amount.

How to Get Cash Loan on Title of Your Car?

There is not a single individual who would probably expect an uncertain condition in the near future. However, it happens with many individuals. Many are left with no option but to take loans to meet the emergency requirements. People might even have a bad credit score but that cannot stop them from getting new loans. In this situation car title loans can be a savior. There loans also known as auto pawn loan or pink slip loans are offered on the title of your car which can get you quick cash immediately. The good news is that borrowers need not tell the reason to obtain such a loan to the lenders. If you have a car, then all your emergency requirements can be easily dealt with it.

Even an individual with bad credit can secure a car cash loan easily as all that matter is the car title. If you have a free and clear title the entire process is hassle free and loans can be easily obtained in minutes. A single click on the mouse is adequate to get the loans. The online auto title loan application forms have to be filled in as the first procedure. Once the loan gets processed, the borrowers can avail the loan in less than 24 hours. The lender will usually demand some documents for the completion of the process. The borrowers are requested to have their proof of income and the insurance proof ready. A driver’s license is a mandatory requirement along with a phone bill or any other utility bills. The documents of the car have to be kept ready. The lenders usually do not demand your vehicle as collateral. However, the documents have to be submitted.

The amount borrowed and the interest rate is highly dependent on the current market value of the vehicle. The borrower should have a valid checking account being a citizen of US. It is important to read the fine print before inking the deal. The borrowers have to be careful about the rate of interest which should not go beyond 3% per month. This amounts to 36% annual interest rate beyond which is tough to repay.

The borrower must be aware of the late payment charges and other fees to be paid while processing the loans. The first job is to make a good amount of research on the internet about the lenders. Pick out the top 3 or 4 lenders from your list. You can then proceed to fill out their online application form. You must make sure that the lenders do not charge for filling out the form and asking for a quote. Upon doing this, you will be contacted by the lenders who will discuss the financial requirements. Make sure that you get the deal that fits your requirements in all ways. Getting a loan for car title is a good way to meet all the emergency requirements.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Getting Car Title Loans Through Online Automobile Lenders

Title loans are basically short term loans that are devised to meet the emergency financial requirements. They are called by different names in various parts of the country depending on the lender. They can be called as car title loans or auto title loans and are usually offered on various grounds. These kinds of loans do not have hefty background checks. The process is very simple and can be carried out easily. Even people with bad credit can qualify for this loan. There are several lenders offering loan on the title of your car. A simple search in Google will help you to find out lenders here.

The purpose of title loans vary from meeting emergency financial requirements to making a payment that cannot be further delayed. Do you own an automobile and do not have any other loan on it? You can pledge your car in exchange for money. The borrowers have to give a set of key to the lender. If any payment is missed, the lender will straight away take the car without any notification. The lenders usually provide the required cash and this will not exceed 50% value of the car. This is basically secured loan offered at higher interest rates.

This loan is becoming popular in many parts of USA. The increase in the number of such lenders provides a stiff competition among them. The borrowers can take this advantage in order to get competitive interest rates. However, the interest rates might shoot up to 300% annually. Hence, it is highly recommended to take the title loan only when you are sure about the repayment. There have been many borrowers who have ended paying double the amount. Make sure that such things do not drive you up the wall.

The borrowers are using the vehicle as leverage for the loan amount borrowed. These loans have umpteen numbers of advantages. The back ground check is almost a nil and the requirements are few. Lenders offer auto title loan based on the present market value of the car. Responsible borrowing is the key to safeguard your interests as a borrower. In case if you fail to make the payments, you can still pay the interest amount for the next month and carry forward the loan amount. It is recommended to borrow what you need in order to meet the expenditure. Excess borrowing will put you in deep troubles.

Auto title loans are basically considered as predatory lending and certain states have imposed stricter legislation against it. This explains the negative impact and consequences of title loans. Hence, educate yourself regarding the auto title financing before applying them. Do not allow predatory lenders to rob your bank account. Make an extensive research about lenders and pick up the best one to suit your needs. This loan is strictly for persons those who can repay promptly in order to save their automobile.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

How Car Title Loan Program Works?

Car title loans can be handy during the times of financial crisis. If you have an emergency need for cash, car title loans are the best way to meet your expenses. However, in this case, the lenders will not lend an amount higher than 50% of the value of the car. It explains the fact that auto pawn loans are highly secured. The borrowers have to pay the entire principal amount plus interest fees in one go. So make sure you will be able to repay this lump sum amount at the end of the period. If you cannot do this, give a second thought before you apply for such a loan. The time period given will not be more than one month in most of the cases.

If the borrower is not able to repay the loan in the stipulated period of time, they can pay a onetime interest fee and roll over the loan amount to the next month. If the borrower fails to do this, the lender will come and take away the car and try to make a sale. Hence, the borrowers have to be very careful while applying for auto title loans.


- Proof of car insurance, license
- You must be a salaried person.
- There should not be any liens against the vehicle.
- You must be the owner of vehicle.
- The VIN details are required at the time of processing loan.

These are just 4 simple requirements which can be processed at ease. People need not be bothered about their credit rating. Car loans offered at such short time intervals do not require credit rate checking. However, the loan is highly secured. The lenders will have a free lending hand when it comes to terms and conditions. A car title loan is treated as a collateral for your personal loans. When you already have an auto loan, things become real hard to process the title loan.

How Does It Work?

After the paper works are completed, the borrower is expected to hand over the car title and a set of keys to the lender. There are absolutely very minimal amount of paper works involved which can be completed in 5 minutes of time. It sounds easy right!! Wait. Just hold on to your breath. The annual interest rates will run in to triple digits. Hence, make sure that you will be in a better position to repay the loan amount promptly. This seems to be ridiculous.

For a $1000 loan, you could end up paying about $250 per month as interest charges. On the other hand, some will decide to do the balloon payment at the end of loan's tenure. There are certain limits available on the roll over chances. Once when you reach the limit, you have to pay the amount at once or forfeit the car at once. There are many pros and cons involved in this kind of loan. It is up to the borrower to decide with the loan options. It is better to think twice before you leap.